Jer Giles Lancaster Texas                                      Phone 214. 415. 0713 Back to Jer’s art American Training in the European Style Tuscan finishes, Old World borders and molding, Asian influences Gold leaf, silver & metal leaf, traditional faux finishes, faux masonry, You name it – we paint it  Magic Palette Works from a palette to mix, match, and create his own colors  Green Studio Uses water base paints since 1980’s; no harm to homeowner, the artist, or the environment  CGI just like in the movies Computer Generated Imaging: 1989 began offering clients computer imaging. Now the digital camera captures the space, the image is transferred to the computer where the design is created, then the proposed design can be sent to the client via e-mail.  Publicity Television:   Designing Texas with Joycelyn White                     Michael Holigan’s Your New Home Books:         Villa Décor by Betty Lou Phillips            Faux Finishing for the First Time by Rhonda Rainey Magazines:     Dallas Home Design, Dallas–Fort Worth Design,           Dallas/Fort Worth Home and Design Newspapers: Dallas Morning News, Today Papers, DMN Dallas Life Magazine  Claim to Fame Jer is the artist The State Fair of Texas commissions to paint the origanal Big Tex (the one that burned in 2012) Hot Shot Jer Giles Artwalls provides over 25 years experience working with designers and homeowners to create unique painted solutions; bold yet practical, dramatic yet livable and wonderfully satisfying. Back Story Jer Giles  Artist * Designer * Visionary * Problem Solver     Grew up in Huntsville, Alabama at the height of the space race in the town where failure was not an option. He got involved in theatre as early as high school. He moved to Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Design and Production from the University of Texas in Austin in 1973. From there he worked in Dallas, known as “the third coast”, as a Scenic Artist and painted sets for national stage, screen and television with three shows he painted on Broadway.  In 1981 he crossed the footlights, started his own business, and began taking commissions to paint in homes, restaurants and offices. His is one of the most recognized names in the Decorative Arts in the Metroplex. With over 25 years working in homes, Jer is a seasoned professional. He is experienced with new construction and remodeling pit-falls, knows how to deal with the other trades on the job, and delivers a masterpiece every tine!   Patricia Siegfreid-Giles    Grew up in the Air Force living in six states and one foreign country. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Drama with a double minor in History and English in 1970. Her first job out of college was in a summer theatre in Carlsbad, New Mexico where she met Jer Giles who was the Designer and Technical Director. It was love at first sight and 2010 marks the year of their 40th wedding anniversary.  Patricia is active in many civic and social clubs most notably the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs. She served as State President for 2006-2008 representing over 4000 members and 172 clubs state wide. She is the past president of Les Femmes du Monde of Dallas, the Lancaster Historical Society in Lancaster and past regent of the Pleasant Run Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.   Together they make a formidable couple providing painted solutions so that homes, offices, and  even industrial spaces become warm, inviting, friendly and welcoming. As designers and artists they offer their clients quality, artistic integrity, service, attention to their needs and competitive, professional fees. Jer on photo shoot for Dallas Design magazine Patricia Siegfreid-Giles making speech Made with Xara Web Designer JerGiles Artwalls The Artist Cottage @ 102 W. 7th St. Historic Lancaster TX 75146 214.415.0713 Jer Giles is a Decorative Artist whose work has been shown, collected and commissioned in Dallas & Fort Worth for over 30 years. Back to Jer’s art Email Jer